To Grow / Crecer

img_5587WAGGGS this year adapted the theme Grow to continue its campaign in regard to its new strategy, which is Connect - Grow - Impact. What we really want is to reach out to more girls and young women in the world, offering quality Guiding, so that we add more members to our ranks. We want a world where all girls have a safe space to grow and have many exciting, relevant, accessible and learner-led experiences by the Girls Scouts themselves. When the WAGGGS fulfills its Vision and Mission 100%, we will be sure that we will have a better world, where there is equality, love and respect for life... It is what our founders wanted, to leave the world as best as we found it... SPANISH VERSION La AMGS para este año adapto el tema Crecer para continuar con su campaña en lo que respecta a su nueva estrategia, la cual es Conectar - Crecer - Impactar. Lo que realmente se desea es llegar a mas niñas y mujeres jóvenes en el mundo, ofreciendo un Guidismo de calidad, para que sumemos mas miembros a nuestras filas. Queremos un mundo donde todas las niñas tengan un espacio seguro para crecer y tengan muchas experiencias emocionantes, relevantes, accesibles y dirigidas por las propias Guías Scouts. Cuando la AMGS cumpla al 100% su Visión y Misión, estaremos seguras que tendremos un mundo mejor, donde exista la igualdad, el amor y el respeto por la vida... Es lo que nuestros fundadores deseaban, dejar el mundo mejor de como lo encontramos...

International Friendship / Amistad Internacional

fullsizerender (Lea este articulo en español más abajo) By Lashauna Smith United Kingdom, Tanzania, Venezuela, Argentina and Canada. 5 countries, spanning 4 continents are represented this Spring by Our Cabana volunteers and interns. I feel very lucky to be living and working with such a diverse group of women. We have different backgrounds, careers, education and languages. Some of us can cook, some can’t. Some of us like crafts. Some don’t. Some of us can dance. Some have no rhythm whatsoever (can you guess who?). Despite these differences, we have become fast friends. From trips to the mall, to celebrating birthdays, to watching ‘our show´ on Netflix at the end of each day, to laughing until our stomachs hurt, to copious numbers of group selfies, we have definitely been having fun. Beyond the fun things, our group looks out for each other in good times and bad. Some of us have been ill – so we have taken turns running to the pharmacy for Gatorade and cold medication. One of us sprained an ankle – so we pushed her in a wheelchair. One of us had a bird poop in her hair – so we cleaned it with water and a napkin. I also came down with a very bad lung infection. My friends were there to come with me to the doctor to translate (thanks Anto!) and to help administer my injection antibiotics (thanks Dr. Helga)! The great thing about World Centres is the ability to make fast friends. While Our Cabana is the only centre I have visited, I can imagine that the same thing happens at each of the centre.  Everyone that comes here, whether staff or guests, make quick connections with each other because we are all Guides. I would encourage anyone thinking of visiting a World Centre to take the leap and do it. You won’t regret it. Versión en Español

Por Lashauna Smith

Reino Unido, Tanzania, Venezuela, Argentina y Canadá. 5 países, que abarcan 4 continentes, están representados esta primavera entre las voluntarias y pasantes de Nuestra Cabaña.

Me siento muy afortunada por estar viviendo y trabajando con un grupo tan diverso de mujeres. Tenemos diferentes orígenes, carreras, educación y lengua materna. Algunas de nosotras pueden cocinar, otras no. A otras les gustan las manualidades, a algunas no. Otras pueden bailar muy bien mientras otras no tienen ninguna idea sobre ritmo (¿puedes adivinar quién?). A pesar de todas estas diferencias, nos hemos convertido en amigas rápidamente.

Desde los paseos al centro comercial, celebrar un cumpleaños, ver "nuestro show" en Netflix al final de cada día, reír hasta que nos duele el estómago, con un número infinito de selfies del grupo, definitivamente son cosas que prueban que nos estamos divirtiendo.  

Más allá de toda la diversión que tenemos juntas, lo más importante es que hemos aprendido a ver unas por otras en las buenas y en las malas. Algunas hemos enfermado -y nos hemos turnado para correr a la farmacia por Gatorade y medicina para la gripe-. Una de nosotros se torció un tobillo -por lo tuvimos que empujar su silla de ruedas por toda la Cabaña-. A otra le cayó popó de pájaro en el pelo -así le ayudamos a limpiarlo con agua y una servilleta-. A mí me dio una infección pulmonar muy fuerte, pero mis amigas estuvieron ahí, me acompañaron al doctor para poder traducirme lo que él decía (Gracias Anto!) y me inyectaron los antibióticos (gracias Dr. Helga).

Lo bueno de los Centros Mundiales es que son el mejor lugar para hacer amigos de forma casi instantánea. Aunque Nuestra Cabaña es el único centro que he visitado, puedo imaginar que lo mismo sucede en cada uno de los demás centros. Todo el mundo que viene aquí, ya sea como staff o participante, puede lograr conectarse rápidamente con las demás personas, y sucede porque todas somos guías. Si estés pensando visitar un Centro Mundial, no lo pienses más, anímate y hazlo. Estoy segura de que no te arrepentirás.

My adventure in Our Cabana

img_1976 Before leaving my home in the UK to come to Latin America I think perhaps the most used phrase by my friends and family was “stay safe” which is of course very good advice, however is not particularly useful when it actually comes down to it. The most helpful thing anyone told me before I left was “just take one step at a time” which is advice that I will be using for the entirety of my travels and would recommend that everyone should always remember such advice… Coming to volunteer in Mexico at Our Cabaña was incredibly daunting, not least because I was going to be travelling on my own from Newcastle, via Heathrow Airport, to Mexico City Airport, from where I would then have to catch a bus to Cuernavaca once in the airport. There were so many things that I was worried about; having to change at Heathrow’s terminal 5, getting the bus to Cuernavaca, and flying itself I am not entirely comfortable with! But I just focussed getting from Newcastle to Heathrow and then Heathrow to Mexico City, reading magazines, watching films, and listening to Harry Potter to keep my mind occupied. Once I arrived at the airport I got through immigration and security smoothly, there was lots of airport security around so I felt very relaxed and found my way to the bus station very easily, thanks to the clear instructions sent to me by Our Cabaña before I left the UK. The bus journey was a mere 2 hours, my luggage was checked into the underside of the bus, which initially I was a little wary of, however each bag had a ticket attached to it, and you were given a matching ticket that you needed to hand over before collecting your bag so it was impossible for someone to claim luggage that was not their own. Once in Cuernavaca I waited in the departures lounge, where I felt completely at ease as it was still fairly busy for 10pm, until Dany arrived to greet me and take me back to Our Cabaña. She took me straight to my room and ensured that I was settled in with my house keys and made me aware of the safety deposit box in the house, before leaving me to sleep- as I had been awake for nearly 24 hours straight at this point! The next day myself and a fellow volunteer decided to do some exploring around the local area, walking about half an hour to one of the local shopping centres; the staff members at Our Cabaña had given us clear instructions on how to get there so I was not in the slightest bit concerned about getting lost on our way down. I realised when we left Our Cabaña that in addition to the large sets of gates (that are kept locked at all times unless someone needs to get through) there is also a security guard positioned inconspicuously outside the gates to keep a watchful eye out for any suspicious behaviour in the surrounding area. Once at the ‘Gallerias’ we found there was also security inside, so our experience was relaxed. Overall, all of my experiences in Mexico thus far have been nothing but positive. I am very much looking forward to the next four months here at Our Cabaña, not least because of how warm and welcoming everyone has been.  

What if? What about? Can I?


Hola! My name is Lashauna and I am a Spring 2017 volunteer at Nuestra Cabana, from Canada. When I first thought about applying to volunteer at a World Centre, there were many thoughts that went through my head. What if I’m too old? What about my family, house and pets? Can I go for 4 months without getting paid? What if work won’t give me