What did we do during our free week?

After consecutively working for three events, we got a week off for relaxing and exploring more places in Mexico. It was an amazing and memorable week traveling with other volunteers. During the week, we visited various places around Mexico City. The advantage of staying in Mexico City is we can stay in Ticalli, the headquarter of Girl Guide of Mexico, for free. Also with the foods we brought from Our Cabana, this helped us to save some money too. The first place we visited was Xochimilco which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Mexico. It can be easily reached by public transportation from Mexico City. We had taken the brightly painted and decorated trajineras (a traditional flat-bottomed boat) along the walled canals lined with gardens and curtains for two hours. You can bring your own foods and drinks on the boat and also hire the Mariachi band to perform Mexican folk music. Besides of the canals, there is a craft market to visit too. Next, we spent a day in the Chapultepec Park in Mexico City which is only 15-minute walk from Ticalli. It is one of the largest city parks in the Western Hemisphere. We spent the whole morning in the Zoo with 2000 animals from more than 200 species. And then we had lunch next to the lake watching people rode on the water bikes. In the afternoon, we went up to the top of the hill to visit the Chapultepec Castle with the National Museum of History. This is the only royal castle in the Americas. And then we returned to Ticalli for dinner before the rains came. For the next two days, we travelled to Puebla City and Cholula and stayed in a hostel for a night. Puebla City was named a World Heritage Site in 1987 due to its history and architectural styles ranging from Renaissance to Mexican Baroque. We had visited the Puebla Cathedral, Church of Santo Domingo, Templo de San Francisco, Biblioteca Palafoxiana, Calle de los Dulces (Sweet Street) and Amparo Museum. It is a magical place to walk around and you would always find somethings surprise around the corners. The other place you must not miss in this region is the Great Pyramid of Cholula with the Nuestra Señora de los Remedios on top. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the Great Pyramid of Cholula is the largest pyramid as well as the largest monument ever constructed anywhere in the world. You can also explore the tunnels inside this pyramid. We climbed up the slope to visit the Catholic sanctuary. Here you can enjoy the majestic view of the city and view the Popocatépetl volcano if you are lucky. On the last day of our week off, we went to El Rollo, a water park, to celebrate Sofia’s birthday with all the staffs in Our Cabana. It is a giant water park equipped with various well-maintained attractions. We were all having a lot of fun there and were not eager to leave until the park close. We ended our day with a tired body but a sweet dream. As our stay in Our Cabana is going to the end, it was a treasure for us to have a fun and relaxing week together. In guiding, it doesn’t matter what you do, but with whom you do it.